Review for Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 1

During this episode of Gilmore Girls we see that Rory is really quite conflicted about her relationship with Dean. We can’t help but wonder if she’d actually like to be in one with Jess instead You see he unexpectedly returned to town at the end of season two and he and Rory kiss. However, then she leaves for Washington D.C. And they don’t talk to each other all summer.

The bad thing about this is that Rory is still dating Dean and they still seem to be in love. In fact she and Lorelai share a pretty big fight about this during this episode just because Lorelei doesn’t appreciate that she seems to be leading such a nice guy on. However, Rory also sees that Jess has a new girlfriend that he got while she was away. Rory has to pretend that she doesn’t have a broken heart and that she doesn’t even care just because of the situation with Dean. Eventually she decides that she doesn’t want to be with Jess; Dean is good and stable. How long will that decision last?

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