Outfit Tips from Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls always wear great outfits. However, there are all different looks that you can put together from your own closet.

The Gilmores both rely heavily on both pattern and layering. They usually don’t wear really chunky or out there jewelry. Instead, Lorelai almost always is wearing some sort of shrug or jacket. I think both of the girls have some sort of shearling coat. This is interesting just because usually it doesn’t appear that much on TV; the concept of dressing weather appropriate. However, it really is important to keep things realistic because then if you live in a cold climate like Connecticut you can still really get the same look.

The other great fashion lesson from the Gilmore Girls is that they wear dresses. I don’t know if it’s mandatory for Friday Night dinner at Grandma Gilmore’s house but it does seem to keep making an appearance over and over again at these events. They have a feminine look that still uses bold colors which are fashion lessons that can still translate into your wardrobe today.

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