More Gilmore Girls Romantic Moments

There are lots of romantic moments on Gilmore Girls. One of them is going to be the first kiss between Luke & Lorelai. We have to wait our fair share of seasons for this to happen. However, we finally see it when Lorelai is opening her inn during a season finale.

What happens is that Luke in an earlier episode had taken the time to get in touch with his feminine side. He went through a series of self help tapes and when he was imagining his life; he saw Lorelai in it. From that point on he started doing courtship by the book. He took Lorelai to his sister’s wedding, he gave her jewelry even. However, Lorelai really didn’t catch onto this; she probably just thought that Luke was acting weird. Sure, the audience had seen this coming for years, at least they were hoping for it. However, when Luke actually kisses her and makes his intentions known he gets a little bit of his gruff exterior back.

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