Luke Danes

Luke Danes is going to be one of the few male characters on the show Gilmore Girls who has more of a main character role. Usually a lot of the other male cast is just going to be supportive. The show really is all about women and mothers and daughters. However, it is also about Lorelai and Luke is the main love interest throughout almost every season.

You might be asking yourself why Luke Danes is so grumpy. He doesn’t seem to be unhappy but he sure is sarcastic. In fact he works at a fast food joint but he always talks about how unhealthy it is for people. He tries to keep Lorelei from drinking too much coffee even though that is one of the reasons he is still in business. He is one of those people who is just happier being alone but that doesn’t mean that he is lonely. He often gets a reputation as a homeowner. However he does make room for the important people in his life.

What’s So Special About Luke Danes

One of the most important characters on Gilmore Girls is Luke Danes. He plays a makeshift father for Rory Gilmore and an on again off again love interest for Lorelai Gilmore. He also lives in Stars Hollow where he supplies Lorelai with lots of coffee.

Luke Danes is a walking contradiction. He owns a diner. He converted it from his fathers hardware store and leaves a lot of the old furniture and signs intact to honor his father.

Even though he does run a diner named after himself he’d really rather be helping other people. They seem to always say that he is so dependable that once he is in your life, he is always in your life.

His job even has a lot of contradictions. He hates coffee and tries to wean Lorelai off of it, yet it’s his job to serve it. He has all of the injustices of the world really and often documents them. He is really one of the few people who can keep up with Lorelai fast talking even though his speaking speed is a lot slower his wit is about the same.

He’s the kind of guy who just takes care of stuff with absolutely no desire for recognition. He’s the person that everyone in town really goes to when there’s trouble. He hates participating in all of the zany festivals and town reenactments. However, he always shows up to build a table, reinforce a stage, or just provide food.

Another way that he comes to save the day is to just really be there for his nephew Jess when his Mom kind of flakes on him. Luke brings him to Stars Hollow and tries to take care of him even though he really is a confirmed bachelor.

He’s also totally a bare bone guys who loves basic necessities. He just lives in an apartment above his diner. Eventually he has to expand it when Jess moves in. He wears close to the same outfit everyday. He also loves baseball and fishing, but will often defer to other people’s likes and dislike. Most people tend to make fun of him for not watching a lot of movies or listening to different music.

He’s known for his personal style or lack thereof. He usually wears a baseball cap as well as a plaid shirt and jeans. Lorelai does buy him nicer clothes throughout the show and always comments on how nice he looks when he really dresses up, although this is a very rare occasion. I guess one of the most special things about Luke Danes is just how simple and constant he actually is. He isn’t like Christopher who just comes and goes. Instead, he really helps to find ways to silently make things better.

Luke vs. Max

The rivalry between Luke Danes and Max Medena isn’t necessarily open. While Max is dating Gilmore Girl Lorelai; Luke is dealing with his feelings for Rachel. Things fall apart between both couples. However, who is better for Lorelai, and more importantly who would be the better step dad for her daughter Rory?

I think that they’d both make great parents. Max is a teacher at Rory’s school though so he better understands the demands that will be placed on her as far as her dream of getting into Harvard. However, Luke is better at keeping things together around the house, and providing lots of food. This means that Rory would always have a stable home life. I think that Max was the perfect blend for Lorelai though of being a little bit unpredictable but still being able to fit into more of a society lifestyle while Luke would almost always be stuck in Stars Hollow. However, I think the most telling thing is that Lorelai says in a later season that she’d never been in love with Max and implies that Luke is the love of her life.

Creating a Luke Danes Costume

If you have a lot of friends who are Gilmore Girls fans then why not dress up like Luke Danes? You probably already have most of your basic items you need but you should just put it together in a very Luke Danes kind of way. Plus, this is the perfect free costume if you need to shop on a budget.

One Luke essential is going to be a backwards baseball cap; his is blue. Luke is somewhat of a minimalist so he only gets rid of items when they need to be replaced. This means that he has the same hat that Lorelai gave him and he keeps it for years. Then later he replaces it when he loses that one. He also wears a lot of plaid flannel shirts and jeans. It’s basically his uniform and Jess even makes fun of him for it once. This is really a simplistic costume but some people won’t even know you are in character.

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