Kill Me Now

This is one of the few episodes where Richard Gilmore is really the star of the show Gilmore Girls. Chilton requires Rory to take up something athletic. Since Rory is more of a reader she is quite dismayed by this. Emily has the solution when she offers that Richard can take her to the club to golf. It’s an arrangement that neither one of them seems to be overly happy about it at first.

Lorelai strongly objects to this because she doesn’t think that Rory will have any fun, this is due in part to the fact that she herself probably used to hate it there. However, when Rory ends up enjoying her day it really causes strife between the mother and daughter duo. What starts off as a pretty forgettable episode really ends up being quite remarkable as Lorelai has to struggle with the fact that Rory might not run away from the society lifestyle that she was raised in; a theme that continues throughout the series.

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