Gilmore Girls Seasons 3 Episode 3

This episode of Gilmore Girls is called Application Anxiety. It seems that the show always focuses on either love or Rory’s obsessive need to get into Harvard. This episode focuses on the later and it really is a nice break from all of the boy drama that Rory goes through in this season.

The anxiety starts when Rory gets her application to Harvard. Then even Emily starts freaking out about Rory’s chances to get in. The Gilmore’s decide to befriend some alumni but they soon find that they are in over their heads when the family plays trivia around the dining table and Lorelai can’t seem to get any of the answers right. However, Rory also meets another daughter in the family who seems to remind herself of a young Lorelai just because she’s chosen a different path. Rory thanks her mom for not pushing her into a box and allowing her the freedom to choose what she wants in life as well as helping her to achieve those goals.

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