Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 9

This episode of Gilmore Girls is called “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving”. Throughout the show we see lots of different eating feats that the Gilmores take on. However, this one is usually considered the biggest. During this episode the Gilmores try to eat four thanksgiving dinners; yes they are just that popular.

They thought that they might be able to skip Luke’s meal. Surely, he won’t care right? He doesn’t care about anything, right? However, upon delivering the news and watching his face fall they say that he’s the main event. They also tell this to Sookie. She’s not in charge of the turkey this year which is so sad for this chef. Instead, she has to watch while Jackson deep fries the turkey; and then pretty much everything else they own. Of course an appearance at the grandparents formal fest is also a must; and yes they still fight even on holidays.

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