Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 6

During the episode of Gilmore Girls that’s called Take the Deviled Eggs I think we see one of the funniest scenes on the entire show and possibly as funny as anything else that is on TV. You see the show is all about both of the Gilmore Girls facing their nemesis’,

Rory has to deal with the fact that Jess has a new car. Rory doesn’t have a car anymore because Jess wrecked the one that Dean had built for her. However, Rory still does have to go to Sheri’s baby shower so that she can be supportive of her future half sister. Lorelai gets roped into going too and freaks out pretty bad at how perfectly this woman has her life planned. They decide that a good catharsis would be to throw all of the eggs that Sheri made them take home at Jess’ car. What is even funnier is that they are deviled eggs and just seem to bounce off of it. During this episode we see Dean finally get fed up and face reality; Rory hasn’t been kind to him and he should just let her go be with a jerk like Jess.

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