Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 4

I think that this episode called One’s Got Class and the Other One Dyes is a pretty hilarious episode of the show Gilmore Girls. We see Lorelai try to really make an impact on the community by giving a speech about being a businesswoman at Stars Hollow High. Luke also has to speak and the whole thing gets out of control when the students don’t want to talk about business but instead just want to talk about teenage pregnancy. Lorelei feels belittled especially when the parents attack her for not being appropriate.

We also see Lane Kim take a stand during this episode; well at least she really tries to. She wants to do something that she can’t go back on so that she will finally have to tell her mother that she is into rock and roll. She decides to dye her hair a drastic color; she eventually chooses purple. However, then she freaks out and dyes it black again; her natural color. Mrs. Kim never seems to find out but Lane takes solace in the fact that technically she has dyed hair.

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