Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 18

We see several episodes where Gilmore Girl Rory celebrates her birthday. Happy Birthday Baby is all about Lorelai’s big day. It also just shows that celebrations aren’t just something that parents give to kids. Rory gets the whole town involved in building the world’s biggest pizza; even though they can’t top the record and of course hilariousness ensues just because Kirk is involved and that’s always what happens when Kirk is involved.

Lorelai gets a present from her Dad Richard. Of course it ends up causing trouble with Emily. Richard gives Lorelai an investment he made when she was born. She tries to pay off Chilton with it. Her parents see it as her way of saying that she doesn’t want to see them anymore and Emily becomes livid and threatens to ruin Lorelai’s birthday.

I really love how Rory goes to so much preparation; just as much as her mom does for her. She even has an entire birthday week of fun stuff planned out which makes up for the fact that she can’t get anyone to really make the world’s largest pizza even though they do try.

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