Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 17

A Tale of Poes and Fire is really a game changer for more than just one Gilmore Girl. It’s obvious from the previous episode that big things are coming for Rory She has to decide which of the ivy league schools that she was accepted to that she actually wants to go to. Of course during most of the show they really have only talked about Harvard; that’s always been her dream. However, the Gilmore grandparents have really peaked her interest about Yale; especially since it’s close to home. Lorelai was also thinking the same thing but this is one of the few things they never openly talk about. Instead, they just make a massive pro/con list.

The life changing part for Lorelai is that there’s a fire at the end. At first she just thinks there’s superficial damage; but when she actually sees how bad everything gets then she really sees how her life and her job is going to change.

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