Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 16

This is an episode that Gilmore Girl Rory has been waiting for throughout her entire life. For that matter so has Lorelai. It’s finally arrived; the day where we see if all of the hard work and dealing with those snobs at Chilton is going to pay off. Is Rory going to get the big envelope from Harvard, or is she going to get a little envelope that means rejection?

Paris gets her results in first. She surprisingly enough doesn’t get in. In true Paris fashion she melts down while on C-Span and takes Rory with her. However, this is a spoiler but it’s something that I’m always excited and thrilled to talk about. At the end of the episode the Gilmore Girls go to the mailbox and see an entire mailbox full of big envelopes. Now she has the tough choice of deciding if Harvard is really her dream even though it’s very far away from her mom and everything that she knows.

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