Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 15

We usually don’t see any Gilmore Girl very interested in sports; and this episode is no exception. However, Lorelai just hates to see Rory just sitting at home on Friday night. She keeps waiting for Jess to call her. In fact, she gets so frustrated at his inability to keep a commitment that at one point she even seems to be longing for Dean.

However, when she gets to the hockey game she notices that a girl that she used to know from Stars Hollow High is a little bit rude or at the very least aloof. Later she finds out that she is dating Rory’s ex boyfriend Dean. Then, Jess shows up and actually saves the day for once. We also see Lane on an awkward date with a Korean boy that her real boyfriend set up in a round about ploy so that he can go to prom with her even though Mrs. Kim doesn’t approve of him because he isn’t Korean.

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