Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 14

During the episode Swan Song we really see how much Lorelai trusts her daughter and fellow Gilmore Girl Rory. Lorelai going out of town to see a musical with her friends. Rory is old enough to be left alone. In fact Lorelai has even made fun of her before in a previous episode where Rory just wanted to stay at home and do laundry the way she likes it instead of throwing a wild party like most kids would’ve done. However, while Lorelai trusts Rory she really doesn’t trust her rebellious boyfriend Jess.

Luke Danes, who is Jess’ uncle is also on the case. He has a funny system where he goes up and interrupts the two of them every ten minutes when they are studying or hanging out in his apartment. He says that he forgot something and it’s pretty easy because his diner is just downstairs. It makes it really convenient to check up on them. Then he just stores everything he takes downstairs and takes up the box later on and starts all over.

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