Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 12

Lorelai Out of Water once again features Luke saving the day and of course Gilmore Girl Lorelai is the focus as usual. Of course this is a common theme on Gilmore Girls and is why everyone in Stars Hollow tolerates his somewhat grumpy tendencies.

In this episode Lorelai is trying to learn how to fish. She has to learn to impress a boy when she accidentally blurted out that she loves fishing even though she’s never been. Luke offers to teach her; even though he figures it out that it’s for a date. He brings a kiddie pool full of fish and then puts corks on the hook because Lorelai can’t stand to hurt the fish. In fact, the Gilmores even name the fish and keep it in their bathtub but we never do find out in later episodes exactly what happens to the fish. It’s so like Luke to show up when he’s needed; even if it means watching the love of his life trying to impress someone else. He never really develops boundaries for this tendency on the show, but that’s what makes Luke Danes…well Luke Danes.

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