Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 11

This episode of Gilmore Girls is called I Solemnly Swear. It’s all about regret and revenge. Of course Paris is going to be after revenge; she always is. However, she has calmed down a little bit in pasts episodes now that she has a cute boyfriend Jamie. However, when she feels that Rory is trying to usurp her on the student council, and is spreading rumors about her boyfriend then Paris…well she just starts acting like Paris.

The maids are also after revenge against Emily in this episode. Lorelai is supposed to go to a deposition for one of them who is suing Emily; and she just can’t find anything nice to say. My favorite part of this episode has to do with Sookie. She meets an old friend and accidentally arranges a date; she forgot to tell him that she’s happily married because she’s Sookie and almost everything slips her mind unless it’s about cooking.

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