Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 21

I really find this episode of Gilmore Girls to just be one of the most heartbreaking; even though the story line is so simple. It’s called Lorelai’s Graduation Day. Lorelai is finally graduating from community college. Since she had Rory at such a young age it’s taken her a long time and lots of work to get there. Rory convinces her to go through the graduation ceremony.

However, this is one episode where Rory is actually irresponsible; usually she’s anything but that; especially for a teenager. However, she gets the impulsive idea to skip school and go see Jess in New York because he was sent away before she got to tell him goodbye. However, Rory doesn’t schedule the return trip right and she ends up missing Lorelai’s graduation. What is worse is that she invited Emily and Richard and Lorelai is just certain that they will ruin it and just talk about how she should’ve gone to an ivy league school.

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