Gilmore Girls Pilot Review

The pilot is the first time we meet the Gilmore Girls, both Rory as well as Lorelai. The show starts off with Lorelai in a coffee shop begging for more coffee from a man named Luke. At first we can’t figure out what Lorelai and Rory’s relationship is just because they really end up acting and looking more like friends when they are really mother and daughter.

From the beginning we start questioning what’s going on with Luke and Lorelai and we really do start this journey that lasts throughout the entire show. You can see that they are more than just friends but still a little bit hesitant about it.

This relationship is really juxtaposed against the relationship between both Emily and Richard, Lorelai’s mother and father. Their relationship is the exact opposite of Rory and Lorelai’s one, with lots of disapproval and structure. The plot is really second to the witty and fast commentary.

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