Gilmore Girls Episode 2.19

The Gilmore Girls episode 2.19 is called Teach Me Tonight. It’s one of the more dramatic and pivotal episodes of the entire show. It also has a lot to do about intuition and showing that moms are usually right.

First Luke asks Rory to tutor Jess. Jess is smart but he always reads the books that he wants to at school instead of doing actual homework and keeping up with his class. The fact that Rory agrees hints that either she likes Jess or she just feels very loyal towards Luke. Lorelai has a bad feeling about this and she’s right. The two quit studying to go get ice cream and end up in a car accident. Even though Jess is a bad boy it wasn’t really his fault. Rory ends up in the hospital with a broken arm. Luke ends up sending Jess away and Lorelai and Luke end up in a huge fight.

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