Gilmore Girls Episode 2.17

The 17th episode of the second season of the hit tv show Gilmore Girls is entitled Dead Uncles and Vegetables. We see two very different ceremonies being planned. In fact Emily starts to interfere in Sookie’s wedding plans. Lorelai tries to persuade her away from these ideas because even though Emily says she is getting a discount; it will still be way over Sookie’s budget. Even Jackson feels bad that he can’t provide her with everything that she wants; even though Sookie didn’t want any of these things until Emily showed up. Lorelai suspects that Emily is so enthusiastic about the wedding because it was what she’d always wanted to do for Lorelai but never really had gotten the chance to do so.

This episode once again shows how loyal Luke Danes can be. He has to plan a funeral for his uncle that no one in town likes so it’s almost impossible to get the entire arrangements correct. In fact, this really shows Luke how a loner ends up; and he seems to worry a little bit that he may have some personality traits in common with the man.

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