Gilmore Girls Episode 2.16

The episode called There’s The Rub is one of the few times that we see the Gilmore Girls apart. I think the show is just so much more exciting when they are actually in the room together. However, Lorelai leaves for a weekend getaway to a spa. Sounds relaxing right? Well it turns out that Emily her mother is going with her.

However, this episode also has a pretty interesting plot line for Rory. She has the house all to herself and she just wants to stay at home and order the food she likes and have some peace and quiet. Unfortunately Dean, Jess, and Paris all have different plans for her and when Dean and Jess show up at the same time the conflict between the two of them really heightens. This is where they really start not getting along and Dean is finally growing suspicious of Rory and Jess’ friendship.

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