Gilmore Girls Episode 2.15

The 15th episode of the second season of Gilmore Girls is called Lost & Found. We see Luke adjust to his new role as Jess’ guardian. He may have to just give up his bachelor ways and move out of his studio type apartment so that Jess has his own space.

This is one of the episodes where we really start to wonder just what role Jess will play in Rory’s life and to see how committed she is to Dean. Rory loses the bracelet that Dean made for her that he gave her when they first started dating. Lorelai suspects that Jess had something to do with it. This is a storyline that is carried throughout the show. Lorelai is always quite suspicious of Jess. Plus, we really see the difference between Dean and Jess here. Dean is very giving; and Jess always seems to be taking but still has some allure for Rory.

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