Gilmore Girls Best Friendships

One of the things that Rory & Lorelai have in common is that they each have close friendships outside of their family with people who aren’t Gilmore Girls. This is important and probably one of the reasons why their mother & daughter relationship works so well. They each have another friend their own age to bounce ideas off of and to help them understand whatever is going on at home.

Sookie is Lorelai’s best friend, and Lane is Rory’s. Really the two women couldn’t be more different. However, they do share the constant quality of always being there. Even when they have fights they always make up at the end of episodes. Lane is more grounded and Sookie is more out there. However, Lane does have a punk edge rocker inside of her and the fact that she knows so much about music really appeals to Rory’s need to know all different kinds of trivia so they do have that in common.

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