Cinnamon’s Wake

Cinnamon’s Wake is all about the quirky town of Stars Hollow. Relationships are blossoming for the Gilmore Girls. We see Rory and Dean start to really hit it off; a fact that Rory tries to hide from her mother Lorelai Gilmore. Usually the two don’t keep secrets from each other but for whatever reason they are both having parallel experiences at the same time.

This is a pretty common thread throughout the show just because Lorelai is also hiding a much more precarious friendship with one of Rory’s single and eligible teachers: Max Medena. In fact Lorelai misses her first date with him because she has to throw an unexpected wake for Babette’s cat named Cinnamon. This episode is special because it’s our first chance to really see how the entire town pulls together when something goes wrong. This is also the episode where we probably see the most of Babette; usually she’s just a minor supporting character. However, we’re also introduced to her as being very thoughtful and deep in her quirkiness.

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