All About Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore is on the show Gilmore Girls. She lives in Stars Hollow with her mom Lorelai. Rory’s name is Lorelai as well. She goes by Rory to distinguish herself from her Mother. Lorelai Gilmore named her daughter after herself. In a lot of ways they share the same tenacity as well as the same goals. Rory appears to be the more grounded one in the earlier seasons. She is super responsible for a teenager but she also really has a lot of growing up to do throughout the seven seasons of the show.

In the early years one of the most noticeable things about Rory is that she wants to go to Harvard. She transfers from the public school system to Chilton in order to make it happen. Chilton requires a long bus ride and lots of studying. She is definitely smart enough to make it happen, but there is still a sense of urgency and uncertainty about whether Harvard will actually recognize this.

The other big sacrifice to get to Chilton is made by Lorelai Gilmore. She doesn’t have a lot of extra money and can’t pay for it. So she goes to her wealthy parents and institutes Friday night dinners. Her parents pay for Chilton if she and Rory show up every Friday night. Her own personal style also develops throughout the show, although those plaid skirts from Chilton become a staple.

One of the biggest relationship conflicts throughout the show is with Dean and Jess who Rory has to choose between. Dean is strong and stable. He comes off as more of a jock, but has a romantic side as well. Jess gets in trouble, and seems to be some kind of rebellious boy genius. The one thing he shares with Rory is their love of reading. Rory Gilmore is both responsible and extremely innocent at the same time.

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