About Richard Gilmore

Richard Gilmore is one of the more minor characters on Gilmore Girls. He lives in Hartford Connecticut instead of Stars Hollow. Edward Herrmann is the actor who really brings this character to life.

He has a very stable role in the family. He is Lorelai’s father and Rory’s grandfather. He is married to Emily.

At first he seems quite intimidating but he has a soft spot for all of his girls. He often comes off as slightly warmer and less disapproving than Emily. However, when he thinks he is right he rarely thinks about others feelings and has an explosive temper.

There are some surprising similarities that Rory finds with her grandfather. She even enjoys the country club as well as golfing, although it’s quite unsuccessful. He seems to hate all of the social events that Emily plans but he likes the logic and the predictability of that life.

He went to Yale, and always wants Rory to do the same. One of the bigger misadventures he has during the show is when he drags Rory to Yale and sets up an interview without her knowledge. This leads to one of the bigger fights between him, Lorelai, and Rory.

He works in the insurance business and often talks about how much he loves wearing a suit. In fact the only time he really loosens his tie at the dinner table is when he has a heart problem. This happens several times throughout the show. Even with his health problems he refuses to retire. Instead, he ends up starting his own company when he is forced out of his old one. He does have a lot of conflict with Lorelai even though he seems to be the more loving parent when compared to Emily. He too thinks that Lorelai should have gotten married and continued her education, but at times he does seem to take pride in her accomplishments.

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