About Paris Geller

If you watch the show Gilmore Girls you are probably pretty familiar with Paris Geller. Liza Weil plays this fun character that is kind of Rory Gilmore’s nemesis. Well, she’s fun to watch, and she’s probably fun to play. However, she’s probably not too fun to actually be around if she were a real person.

I think Paris is really on the show to juxtapose against Rory. She isn’t your typical teenager. Paris studies hard. She stays out of trouble. She is focused on a goal. However, whereas Rory is happy and somewhat balanced, Paris is completely over the top and rarely jokes or smiles.

Paris really focuses on getting into Harvard and is one of the most driven characters you will ever meet in that regard. She enjoys being competitive with Rory.

In fact Paris Geller is a huge thorn in Rory’s side and tries to get her to quit or flunk out of Chilton throughout the show. A weird friendship develops, even though they constantly still try to push each other.

The one area where Paris doesn’t shine is dating. She eventually finds love, but then almost screws it up by trying to make it logical. A lot of the best lines on the show belong to her. She wants to be both a lawyer and a doctor. She rarely sleeps. Instead she spends a lot of time crafting to try and calm her. She has very dead pan expressions. She is definitely one of the more interesting characters on modern TV.

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