Lane Kim and Gilmore Girl Lessons

I think that there are a lot of things that you can learn on the show Gilmore Girls. I think that one of the more poignant characters on the show is going to be Rory’s best friend Lane. She always seems to be wise beyond her years. I think this has a lot to do with how her mother has raised her to be so responsible and so respectful. She really does have a lot of love for her mom, even though her mother is very strict and really even monitors what she eats and what kind of music she listens to.

I would really like to contrast this between what happens between Lorelai and Lane’s moms. Both of them kind of have to take a stand. I think when Lane starts to have her own children she really sees how wise her mother was and she still wants to go in a different direction with her own parenting. However, when she finds that raising children is too much she still does turn to her mother for help.

Contrast this with Lorelai. She basically ran away from her mother. Even when it comes to how she should raise Rory she just totally freaked out when her mom agrees with her. She doesn’t really seem to respect her. I think it has to do with the fact that Lane knows that Mrs. Kim loves her and that’s why she is so strict, but Lorelai always just kind of doubts her mother’s loyalty to her and this is the difference in the situation that is really very similar. I really love how this show isn’t like the typical sitcom where all of the parents look quite inadequate. Instead, it really explores this other side of what happens when parents just don’t give their kids enough freedom or enough room to grow.

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