Lane Kim and Even More Gilmore Girl Lessons

What would you sacrifice for your dreams? We see each Gilmore Girl really ask this of herself at some point. However, even the supporting cast is really going to be asking these kinds of questions quite often. I think one of my favorite characters who really chases her dreams is going to be Lane Kim.

She really bases everything in her life around being a drummer after she discovers that she really has that talent, and it’s a big passion in life. Up until this point, we see her wander around a little bit listlessly. However, when she figures out that she wants to be a drummer nothing really can get in her way. She is going to play as many church events as she can just because it’s an opportunity to play. She’s going to base her relationship decisions around what is best for the band. Really, the band is her life and the only time that she’s really disappointed in her bandmates, is when they really kind of give up on the dream.

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