Gilmore Girls Fashion

Sure, there are a lot of things to love about the Gilmore Girls. However, I do think she was a really great style icon during the show. They don’t really focus on it that much. Of course, Lorelai is always trying on a bunch of crazy outfits. However, we do have to see a lot more of their intellectual side, which I think is so important for women in the media.

What I like about their personal style is that each one does have a very specific style. However, at the same time they also do make sure that it would be a maintainable style for real women. These are clothes that you might be able to find at stores in the mall. It’s a makeup look that you can probably do yourself in just a few minutes. They really don’t go too overboard with Rory’s look when she’s younger and she seems to have a very manageable hair cut which is really why the show is so iconic. A lot of times what you see on TV, would just be impossible for you to actually obtain or it would just take too much time or money.

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