Gilmore Girls Episodes You Have to See

There are a lot of really memorable episodes on the show Gilmore Girls. However, there are a few that are really going to help you to understand the show the most. Of course this is going to include the first and the last episode of the show, but there are also a lot of very poignant moments throughout the entire series.

I definitely think that one of these is going to be called Dear Richard and Emily. This is going to showcase how difficult it was for Lorelai to be a teenage mother. Really, we don’t see the back story very much during the show. Instead, we tend to see a lot of how the parents are still reacting to the news that their daughter got pregnant, even though it’s been 16 years. Instead, this is one of the few episodes where there’s a flashback where we really see what it must’ve been like for Lorelai.

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