Gilmore Girls and Past Relationships

On the show Gilmore Girls we see these women who are usually so decisive and so powerful but really fall apart when it comes to relationships. This seems to be the one area in their lives where they really second-guess themselves. For instance Rory can carry a plan now through 16 to 18 years. She knows she wants to go to Harvard, even since she was a very little kid. She’s going to do all of the work that is required of her to get there. She has almost this laser kind of focus to her.

However, I really don’t understand why this doesn’t translate to her relationships. For instance, she spends a lot of time trying to decide between Dean and Jess. When she finally makes that decision she always wonders if maybe Dean was the right decision. Then, when she is with Logan she wonders if maybe Dean was the perfect thing for her. She always seems to be looking backwards instead of forwards, which I think is a very important relationship lesson for a lot of people.

You aren’t able to enjoy the moment when you’re comparing the person to one of your exes or someone that you used to be in love with. They will never meet up, because the memory of your ex-boyfriend is so pristine and perfect when you’re dealing with an everyday situation with this other person that is less than ideal. This is why it is so important to move forward. Otherwise, you’re just going to end up thinking that the person you’re with now is actually “the one” when you’ve broken up with them and they are with someone else. You should really focus on being in love instead of going after someone who is unobtainable or always just wanting that kind of drama in your life.

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