Gilmore Girls and Nice Guy Lessons

You know the saying that nice guys always finish last? Well Gilmore Girls always really plays around with this idea a lot. It seems like the Gilmore Girls are always stuck choosing between a safe, dependable guy who they know will always be there and then the bad guy shows up and he’s so much more exciting.

However, in the end results of the show we really see that sometimes nice guys do finish last, and sometimes they don’t. I think that the nicest guy that Rory has ever dated is Dean. Of course, he did have a little bit of a jealous streak and sometimes he was a little bit uncertain; but, really, with Jess around he had good reason to be. However, even though he doesn’t end up on the show he is still a very iconic character. He’s part of Rory’s past who really shows her what she’s supposed to be treated like and she often compares her current boyfriend’s to him, just because they never seem to match up.

What I love about the show Gilmore Girls is that there are some guys on there that most women would just love to date. However, they all have flaws. Still, they seem quite realistic. Some of them aren’t even that handsome. Sometimes they are moody or sometimes they are indecisive. I think this gives a much more realistic look as to what life is really like.

For instance, of course, we see this a lot with Luke. He tends to wear flannel shirts and a dirty baseball cap. He rarely smiles. You can never tell if he’s joking. He seems a little bit antisocial at times. He could just be a regular guy who was into fishing. However, just like guys in real life everyone has their moment of greatness and for Luke that moment of greatness is in his stability. He is always fixing things around Lorelai’s house, even when they aren’t dating. He just takes care of the people in his life without ever asking for anything in return; this is really why he is so special.

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