Gilmore Girl Lessons on Weight

What I love about the show Gilmore Girls is that it really shows how women of all sizes can be beautiful. It really doesn’t make weight an issue. Instead, it works on developing the characters on the show. Of course, like with almost any show in Hollywood the main characters are going to be pretty skinny.

However, there are some supporting characters who are overweight. These would usually be Miss Patty, as well as Sookie. We never really see them feel insecure about this. They never apologize for it. They never explain it. They never try to go on diets. They really just embrace who they are. Sookie loves food because she is a chef. This is what makes her so great at her job. She finds love with a very attractive man named Jackson. She has kids. She really just seems to be happy no matter what size she is. She still takes a lot of care with her hair, makeup, and overall general appearance. She doesn’t let it stop her and she doesn’t really even seem to let the Hollywood world turn her into a stereotype.

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