Gilmore Girl Lessons on Shopping

Each Gilmore Girl has their own specific sense of style. They also really dislike things that are fancy. This is very apparent when they go shopping. Even when they do buy something retail instead of having Lorelai make it they still add their own flair to it. This is true of each fancy dress that Lorelai gets for Rory for her birthday at her grandparents house. She really makes it over and her mother Emily doesn’t even recognize them and wonders what happened to the dresses that she bought for them. I think this has to do with Lorelai’s need to always have her own stamp and unique take on things.

Even small items that they buy are fun. When Emily asked for help in picking out a gift for Rory she can’t believe how cheap all of the things that Lorelai likes are. She shows her a purse that mimics a guitar case or a set of bracelets that lights up. In fact, even though Lorelai is older she enjoys this funky sensibility. She even just buys alarm clocks based on whether they are fuzzy, and during one episode she picks an alarm clock that has funny barnyard animal sounds on it.

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