Gilmore Girl Lessons on Saving

I really like that the lifestyle that Rory and Lorelai lead is quite realistic. Gilmore girl, Lorelai isn’t really that stressed out about money so that you can tell that it is on her mind. She does tend to save more money when Rory goes off to college. It shows how worried she is and even strapped for cash. At one point Lorelai leaves her some money on the refrigerator and helps her to get a part-time job over spring break.

It’s so important to actually see these characters working. They aren’t off just having fun like you would see on a lot of other shows that are based around teenagers. I think the realistic thing is so vital just because the show does center on what happens when you become a teenage mother and really money is really going to play into this. I don’t know if Lorelai did get child support from the father Christopher, but during the show they do act like he really wasn’t a big provider and that Lorelai really had to do it mostly by herself.

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