Gilmore Girl Lessons on Roommates

You can probably sympathize if you have roommates like Gilmore Girl Rory. She never really seems to have a really close friend as a roommate. Instead she gets those nightmare kind of roommates that are either socially awkward, controlling, or always have boys over at the house. Since Rory always seems to be quite orderly I can only imagine that this would drive a character like her kind of crazy.

Of course, there are some situations that aren’t going to happen to you in real life. At one point Paris loses her older boyfriend who is a professor. He passes away and leaves her an antique printing press. Then they are left with the huge printing press in the common area of their dorm and it even gets stuck on Rory’s backpack. However, it is a good lesson in what happens when you don’t define different spaces and really make the decisions for your common living space together.

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