Gilmore Girl Lessons on Living

I really love the house and apartments that each Gilmore Girl chooses to live in through the life of the show. When Lorelai chooses her home, it isn’t overly extravagant. It isn’t perfect. At one point it even has termites. However, it is the home that they create together. Their furniture is always trendy and up to date. They have funky accessories and sometimes they even have to return gifts that they don’t like so that they can decorate in a way that they do like.

This is so important to me just because it’s very evocative of what a single mother would actually live like if she had worked her way up into a better position in life. It’s not overly opulent. A lot of things like the quilt on her bed she made herself from Rory’s old clothes. At times it can be cluttered, especially if she’s doing a sewing project. It’s not messy. There’s a lot of character and architecture to it. I think that the overall house is in direct contrast to the mansion that she grew up in, which was very opulent. Often times, her father would joke that they have a lot of chairs, but they are all antiques so you can’t actually sit on them. Everything in Lorelai’s house has a function, even if it is beautiful.

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