Gilmore Girl Lessons on Jobs

I think that one of the most interesting things about the show Gilmore Girls is that it really does allow you to get a sneak peak into why people do the things that they do. This is just because some of the characters are so realistic that they could really even just be your friend in real life. They might even resemble you, or who you would like to be.

One of the funniest things that I’ve learned on the show is just that people in customer service are often weird and really they have very good reason to be so. I really love watching Michael everyday, just try to deal with the people at the Independence Inn. He is always very snooty. Sometimes he doesn’t pay attention. He even pretends that he doesn’t speak their language. However, when you are dealing with so many people and most of the time they are going to be unhappy or want something from you I can really see why this would be the case. Of course, I still believe that the customer is always right. This is important to me even when I am not the customer. However, it is just one of those funny, subtle lessons that you can learn from Gilmore Girls and keep in mind the next time someone is rude to you.

I’ve always really wondered if he does actually enjoy his job. He always acts like he hates it. However, when Lorelai and Sookie go to really start their own inn he doesn’t want to be left out. He hates the transition period where he’s doing another customer service job and basically begged them to take him with them.

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