Gilmore Girl Lessons on Fun

I think that there are a lot of lessons that you can learn on keeping a budget from Gilmore Girl Lorelai. Of course, they do seem to eat out a lot which any financial expert will probably tell you that this isn’t the smartest, just because it’s not healthy, and is so much more expensive than eating at home. This seems to be their only big mistake. Otherwise, they’re very focused on putting their money towards their goals such as Rory getting a quality education and Lorelai being able to start her own business one day.

It’s funny that the show really helps you to see what small-town life is really like. At one point, the Gilmore Girls are at a total loss as to what to do because they don’t have to go to Friday night dinner. Instead sometimes they go to a local movie at a bookstore. The stay at home and watch movies a lot. They live in a small town where there’s really nothing to do but they even make things like town meetings into something that’s fun and really turns it into an entire event.

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