Gilmore Girl Lessons on Dreams

I think one of the most interesting things that we see on the show Gilmore Girls is that every character really seems to have a dream. This could really be quite simple. For instance, consider the concierge at the Independence Inn. His name is Michael and he always seems to hate everything in the entire world. However, even he has hopes and dreams. They may be superficial and they might be shallow. However, they are important to him.

One thing that’s very important to him is his appearance. He puts a lot of money into it. He constantly counts calories. He also does a lot of dancing. He doesn’t like anything that is normal or average. He often complains that the work that he does every day interferes with how he’s looking. At one point, it’s quite hilarious just because he does win a trailer on the Price is Right and he doesn’t know how to drive it. It gets stuck in the Dragonflys Inn’s driveway. We never really hear his dreams out right on the show, but I’m pretty sure it would have something to do with meeting Celine Dion. He’s always going to tons of her concerts. This is probably what makes such a very humdrum kind of job very bearable for him.

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