Gilmore Girl Lessons on College

If you’ve ever had roommates or lived in a college dorm then you can really probably relate to the later seasons of Gilmore Girls. It even shows that sometimes if you go to a fancy school like Yale dorms are still dorms. You’re still going to have to share a room with someone. Sure, the dining hall may really serve better food. However, it will probably cost you a lot more. At the same time you’re still going to have the situation where if you’re late for breakfast, then you don’t get any food.

I really do love how realistic this show is. They do really get a little bit elaborate with their set design. They explain it away by saying that Emily snuck in and supplied the furniture and video equipment. However, Rory’s room really seems more of her own funky style, which is something that you could easily assemble yourself with brightly colored comforters. Also look for posters of your favorite authors to complete the look instead of just hanging up your typical rock band poster.

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