About Lane Kim

Lane is really a very supportive character. She’s not a Gilmore Girl. She’s someone that we just see a few times every episode and she very rarely has her own story line. She’s really just there to fulfill her role as Rory’s best friend. At times, she’s extremely wise. She doesn’t have a lot of experience when it comes to relationships. However, she does really always seem to give Rory very good advice, and this might just be because she is so infused into the pop culture kind of references that she’s really seen all different kinds of breakups and what has worked and what hasn’t.

One of my favorite things about Lane is that they show her on the show having a job that isn’t really ideal. She really is just a waitress at Luke’s diner. She never seems to move up in this capacity. However, she’s just so excited to be a waitress and be earning her own money that it never really occurs to her to hate it and to become grumpy, just because it seems like such a menial job. She has her dreams that she follows on the side and so she doesn’t really seem to resent her job.

So if you don’t have your dream job right now this can be a great life lesson for you. This is especially true if you’re in your early twenties. Not every job is going to be your dream job, especially if you just got out of college or need a job in a tough economy. You’re going to have to be able to still enjoy these years because a lot of people do call them the best years of your life. However, you also really need to have that motivation to go out and do more for yourself and to become more.

Of course, Lane isn’t an actual Gilmore girl. However, she does seem to spend as much time at their house as they do. She really looks to them as her family and the people who really understand her. In fact, she even does even turn to Lorelai with her worries and asks her for advice or what she should do about boys. She really can’t turn to her own mother in this way just because she is so busy hiding her life and pretending to be something she’s not just so she can keep the peace in her own house.

The thing that happens with Lane is that eventually she starts to unravel. She realizes that she can’t sacrifice all of her dreams for her mother. She even chooses colleges that will make her mother happy, even though they are way too religious and strict for her. She at times doesn’t date the boys that she wants to date just because they aren’t Korean and her mother wouldn’t approve. At the same time she does go on dates with boys that she isn’t interested in just because she does have that respect for her mom. Her mom in earlier seasons really does set her up quite a lot. She always has lots of different family members going on the dates with her and Lane always kind of kids about everyone trying to set her up with a future doctor.

I’ve always kind of wished that Lane was also a Gilmore girl. I guess in a lot of ways she is an adopted Gilmore Girl. I think that Lorelai relates to her so well just because she is Rory’s best friend. However, I do think that they have a common bond, and they understand each other. Both of them grow up in very stifling households where they had to really hide who they were. This is funnier for Lane than it is for Lorelai. However, at some point, they both break and end up leaving home. This is really probably why Lorelai almost becomes a surrogate mother to her.

I think it’s pretty funny when Lane actually gets married and has her own children. She is really obsessed with having this Lorelai like character in their lives. She asks Rory her best friend to fill this role for her kids. It’s almost like she’s recognizing that sometimes she will be the beast and that’s okay. No one ever is the perfect parent. Instead, she just wants to make sure that her kids have a safe haven to go to and someone that they can trust, who is very wise.

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