Nicely Done

I went to get my hair trimmed and somehow I walked out with hair that was seven inches shorter and really love it. I kept looking at myself for days thinking; this is so familiar. I’ve never had so many layers before so I’ve never looked like this. I kept trying to think if it was like anyone else’s. Then while watching Gilmore Girls it finally hit me. I have Lorelai’s season 3 hair. Nicely done subconscious nicely done.

3 thoughts on “Nicely Done

  1. Tarin

    I was looking on this site called and it tells you what make-up Rory and Lorelei wear on the show, there might be other cast members on that site too, just thought you might be interested because now you can have the hair and the makeup! But maybe you’ve found that out already ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Aaron

    Fell in love with the Gilmore Girls last year and now cant stop watching it (even gave parenthood a go but not as good) Where is the nearest place you have found to be like Stars Hollow???

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