My Gilmore Resolutions

I think one of the ways that I’m like Rory is that I get hung up on the little things. This is illustrated perfectly during the episode called “The Lorelai’s First Day of Yale” The girls walk into Rory’s dorm. Lorelai is trying to point out how cool it is and all Rory can do is worry about getting rid of the old mattress, ripping her map, finding a replacement map, and noting the emergency exits.

Lorelai pushes her out of the room and tells her that she is missing it and they are going to do this right. She tells her daughter she has to savor the moment. Sometimes we all need to be pushed out of the room and made to start over. So this year, I’m going to try not to miss the things that are really important. Has Gilmore Girls inspired you to make any resolutions?

2 thoughts on “My Gilmore Resolutions

  1. Celeste

    GG has inspired me too! I’ve always loved it, my sister and I are HUGE fans and we watch it all the time. I’ve gone through 2 full sets of GG series DVDs in the past 3 years. Lol. It’s a wonderful show and we always turn to it especially in hard times, we say ‘we need GG’!! Glad we’re not the only ones lol. Love this site!

  2. anne

    I think Rory described in “Hammers and veils” Lorelai in the best way possible. She tells the foreman: “No, my mother did. She does that. She takes thinks that aren’t pretty and makes them pretty, like a hammer, you know.” What I love about Lorelai is that she really makes life funny and interesting. I am always obliging myself to see the best in things, to see the world through the Gilmores’ glasses. And the best is, Rory has learned and taken that from her mom.

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