Gilmore Stuff That’s Happened to Me Lately

1. A random stranger told me I look like Lauren Graham. I do not; but it was a lovely thing to say.

2. Someone else was surprised that I still run a Gilmore Girls blog. They asked if anyone even still searched for Gilmore Girls now that the show is over. This made me so grateful for all the people who still show up and read and comment here; so thank you. I am trying to coin the phrase “It’s not a tv show; it’s a way of life”.

What Gilmore things have happened to you lately?

8 thoughts on “Gilmore Stuff That’s Happened to Me Lately

  1. anne

    Actually, a lot of Gilmore stuff has happened to me lately.
    First, I was eating french toast the other sunday morning as I always do, and I was watching an episode in which Rory was disappointed because Luke’s french toast was no longer the today special. I asked myself, French girl, why do american call it french toast (we call it “pain perdu’ => lost bread). And indeed it comes from France because during the world wars, some french people only had bread, so they put it with milk, eggs and sugar and made french toast. My grandparents hate it because it reminds them of what they used to eat permanently as children. (i’m sorry this explanation took so long)
    Second of all, I am studying right now in classes that prepares students for journalism great schools. I feel more like Rory than ever.
    Plus, in a Mango shop, I saw a couple weeks ago an amazing long, black dress that looked just like the one Lorelai wore in the Bracebridge dinner. I’m not sure if you have this shop in the US but go look! I’m sure it looked so much better on Lorelai because she’s tall, and I’m not very tall, but it is good anyhow!
    And finally (i’m so boring) I bought Rory’s shirt: Reading is sexy, but I took it in red and pink. You can find it easily on the internet, but I can send you the exact links if you want to.
    I have to say that telling you you look like Lauren Graham is better!

  2. Buffy Halliwell

    I love that you have Gilmore moments! πŸ™‚

    I had one the other day, while eating Redvines. That was pretty much it. Every time I eat Redvines I think of Lorelai.

  3. Paula

    Just to verify that we, Gilmore-fans, still remain! I like your thoughts linked to the show. And yeah… such a “way of life”… Lorelei ruuuuuules soooooo much. Just going (again) through the 6th season. It is curious how I get shocked every time. Hope to keep reading you (I mean, I hope you carry on writing!). Greetings from Pamplona!!!

  4. LorelaiVictoria

    I’ve been told on a few occasions by people that I do not know that I look like Alexis Bledel πŸ™‚ High compliment in my opinion!

    I often find myself relating everyday events to a certain episode of Gilmore Girls or find myself saying something that Lorelai would say.


  5. Orlagh

    I had a moment the other day. I wanted to make a pro-con list like Rory’s and I mentally did. Although I can’t remember the subject.. but anyway, that same day, I watched the episode after the episode of Honor Huntzberger’s wedding (where Rory found out what Logan did during their time apart). In it, Logan asks Rory if she wants to make a pro-con list about going back to his apartment from Paris’s and she says “don’t mock my pro-con lists!” and he says “I’m not, I actually think the list will come out in my favor”. And so I just thought you guys should know that I had a little freak-out with myself as I am the only die-hard Gilmore-fan in my class.

  6. Liz

    I’m a huge user of the pro/con list technique! Also, I just watched the episode where Rory and Logan almost hook up at the grandparents’ vow renewal, and I’m going to start using this Parisism: “I’m wide awake; it’s your fault. You owe me Boggle!” I LOVE Boggle!

  7. Matt

    With my family I have them weekly. My grandmother has a lot in common with Emily. But she’s not bitchy…even though I love Emily’s bitchiness. My grandma is also wealthy, classy, spoiled, and sometimes difficult. She is also very, very punctual getting upset if you are even one minute late…Oh the traffic. She also had no idea what this food court place was at the mall and also says “I usually just leave and go to a restaurant.” Plastic tables…pshaw. All while me and mom enjoy the smorgasboard of food, cheese sticks dipped in batter our fav of course. When the girls are skint on money at the mall grandma is there…come on…pip pip. My mother and grandmother both watched the show too when it was on air and loved it. And the guilt trips and drama queen bouts between them are exact. I even say out loud that I am having a Gilmore Girl moment…and I’m a guy. I love this show. I didn’t have a sister but growing up with Rory was pretty fun even though it was only tv. It’s so realistic and was so fresh for the time just before reality shows took over…and wholesome too with an edge. I loved all the music references and movie quotes…so spot on. I really love when Rachel says she’s doing an expose on small towns and Loreli says “Yeah like you should feel safe you don’t live near these people.” I loved every character. Superb writing, acting, casting, directing, set design, wardrobe, and content. I know good television when I see it and this was great television. Funny show. Bravo.

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