Lorelai’s Career Style

I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older I’ve been having different parallels with Lorelai. I recently had the opportunity to go into business with a family member. At first I thought “No, they always say business and family just doesn’t mix”. Then I really though about both of our situations and skill sets and it just seemed like the only way that either of us could really make it. My only basis for going through with this is Lorelai. She started a business with Sookie. Sure there were a few episodes with conflict. However, she even works with Sookie’s husband Jackson. They get to be around the people that they love all day. Sure there will be conflicts but think about how you feel about both your coworkers and your boss right now. You make it work and they aren’t even people that you actually like. I really hope that the TV is right on this one.

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