Is Lorelai a Good Role Model?

At first I’m tempted to say no; just because she did get pregnant as a teenager. However, every minute after that she seemed to step up and take responsibility. Sure, she’s a fictional character; but compare her mothering techniques to what you’d see on Teen Mom. (I think that’s what it’s called. I don’t watch it).

She is my role model just because she’s single and happy. She has her family and her friends and her work and her zany life. Living in Utah and being 29 and unmarried people often remark on how miserable my life must be. However, when I look at chances I have had to get married; that’s when I’d use the word miserable. I love my life. Someday; I will meet Luke and that will change. Watching Lorelai was one of the first times it dawned on me that being single was kind of awesome; and it kind of is. Do you think that Lorelai is a good role model?

5 thoughts on “Is Lorelai a Good Role Model?

  1. Frede

    I do think she is. Certainly not if copied one-to-one, but in general I think she really is. She is smart and active, she makes things happen and tries her best to make the right decisions etc.
    And, also very important, she knows about her faults or weak spots and admits mistakes.
    And she does not define herself by what others think of her, which is what makes her so great.

  2. Hanna

    well, i believe that she is as well. she is not afraid to speak her mind and his happy and content with the things she has, which is one of the most important things in life.

  3. melisa

    Of course she is a good role model, even she got pregnant at 16, she is all the thing you said and maybe more. I mean, i saw her and the way she fight in every aspect of her life and her relationship with rory it’s amazing, given me the win to be like her. i love the show and as the same as you, i’m take lorelai as my role model, even i have a lot of rory, i feel very identify with the both of them.

  4. nora

    She is a solid role model as Lorelai, that crazy awesome woman who works her ass off, attends community college, takes care of a kid and still has time to watch everything on TV and throw everyone off with a clever remark. She’s never defeated, barely ever gives up or backs down and has the strength of her mom and dad combined. She is also admirable as a single mom, and she could be qualified as the perfect mom-friend for many of us, however, I don’t agree with the way she handles Rory sometimes, I think she inadvertently spoils her too much or acts too much like a sister when she should take responsibility, but those occasions are few and far between; generally she does great. I still prefer her as a separate entity from Rory first and then as a mother, because I can’t really relate to the latter.

  5. Lauren

    I think she is. I don’t always agree with her choices (like sleeping with a bunch of different men) but we all make mistakes. And we especially make mistakes when we’re 16. I think it’s how you handle the aftermath of your mistakes that makes you a good role model. She’s strong and brave, she stands up for herself and doesn’t let the fact that certain people disapprove of her choices change who she is. When she was dating, she tried to keep that part of her life separate from Rory (though that didn’t always work out), she’s a good friend and a good daughter (even if she didn’t always make her parents happy, she was there for them when they needed her). Rory could have done a lot worse for a mother. 🙂

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