Would You Date Luke?

I often describe my perfect man as being Luke Danes. I still haven’t found him yet. I should probably be more specific and say “I want Luke Danes minus all of the season 6 & 7 nonsense”. However, whenever I describe him to other people it seems like they are shocked that I want to date someone like that. I guess I just see all of the positives: the ruggedness, owning a diner and always having food around. Someone who’s stable and likes small town life. Plus, he’s always doing sweet things for Lorelai.

What other people see is someone who is grumpy. Someone who has trouble showing affection. I’m slightly sarcastic and love how he just grumbles that “the moment’s here” when he’s going to propose. So, for me, even though he’s slightly grumpy he is still a step above anyone else; even if they have a sunnier disposition. However, a real life Luke Danes might not be as apt to make over the top gestures like building a pond so I could ice skate. In that case, it would just be mostly grumpiness and really that guy isn’t that hard to find. Yes, I’ve thought about this way too much. What do you think, would Luke’s grumpiness bother you in real life?

9 thoughts on “Would You Date Luke?

  1. Megan

    I would totally date him too! Haha! I love his grumpiness! I mean after all he is Senor Swanky Pants! How could you not want to date him!

  2. Frede

    To me Luke’s grumpiness is mostly sarcasm really. Which I really thrive on. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I also really like the way he is not outgoing much, I can relate to that very much, too.
    And I don’t really think of him not being able to show affection. He rather does things than talk about his feeling, which is just as fine, if not better most of the times.

  3. Cristiana

    I like his grumpyness. I like the way he is. And I always thought that he and Lor are perfect: she is happy, she likes to convince him to do stuff, she likes to fight with him! They have chemistry. But i donno if i can date a Luke because i am also grumpy and sarcastic and sometimes i like to throw flying pans at Taylors…..So i think it would be a problem when we are both angry and don’t want to paint the dinner in warm colors….who will convince us?

  4. nora

    I would probably date Luke because let’s face it, he is not just an awesome cynic, he is a sexy one too. He knows when to show empathy, he knows when to pull you off your feet with the right comment, he can make you laugh, or even genuinely smile, so why not? I guess my only issue with him would be the lack of discussion topics because I am a pop culture nerd and Luke never seemed the type to comment on it and probably never would, even with Lorelai, despite her best attempts. I know it doesn’t matter all that much because you can’t base a relationship on that (and Luke and Lorelai are living fictional proof), but sometimes it would be nice to find common ground in movies, books, music etc.

  5. Kellieeee

    in a freaking heart beat! and I agree with the minus the season 6 and 7 crap. thats not “lukes” fault tho, the last two seasons were good but kinda a fluke because they were not written by Amy and Dan Pallidino! But to answer this question, yes I would, I dont care that luke is rugged and whatever he is so sweet, he is a little shy when it comes to lorelai but I ABSOLUTLY LOVE HIM

  6. Orlagh

    I would definitely date Luke Danes, you know, if I were like 15 years older. But still, he’s the perfect man. He’s really sweet and not too cute. He can express his feelings. He knows when to apologise. I also love his sarcasm and grumpiness. I hate cute people with a bad sense of humor or don’t understand sarcasm. I also love his impulsiveness, but I hate that he doesn’t share everything. For example, it took him, what? 20 years to finally express his feelings for Lorelai, and he didn’t even share everything with the woman he’d been waiting for (i.e. his daughter). I don’t particularly share everything either, I like my secrets.. All in all, I think Luke Danes has an AMAZING personality and is definitely dating material. Even if he is 10 years too old and too fictional for me.

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