Lorelai Gilmore: Quotes I Resemble

Here’s something I share with Lorelai: I can’t fold a map. In fact, I really can’t fold anything. I am a very neat and tidy person and my house is always clean. However, whenever someone goes over all the methods of how to fold something I get frustrated. My method of laundry is either to hang up my clothes, or to get them into sort of a square shape. From the Road Trip to Harvard I found out that Lorelai also shares my inability to fold things. When Rory says that she’s folding it incorrectly Lorelai replies that it’s smaller.

Can you fold a map?

Here are some other ways that I’m like Lorelai; even though I don’t have a kid.

No one laughs at my jokes but I keep telling them anyways.
I’m waiting for Luke.
I own my own business.
I wear boots a lot.

I still need a Sookie-esque best friend.

How are you like Lorelai?

5 thoughts on “Lorelai Gilmore: Quotes I Resemble

  1. C

    I cant fold a map πŸ™
    Well, maybe if I had one I could try.
    But I cant really fold google maps because it would involve breaking my mac in half and i dont have that kind of money πŸ™‚
    Where have you been?! No new articles in AGES!
    Im sad πŸ™

  2. Megan

    Can I just say that my life is now complete after finding your site! Ahhh! All things Gilmore in one place. I can’t believe it is true! I am way excited about the movie list that you have compiled. I have been telling my boyfriend for the past few months that I wanted to compile a list of movies from the show and watch them and you have already done it for me. Thank you so much and I really look forward to reading more!

  3. Anna

    I’m always talking waaay to fast, I’m dreaming of an ivy league school and i’m always talking about movies or books no one knows :b
    Greetings from Vienna, i love your homepage! πŸ˜€

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